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We feel it is important you understand that when it comes to vision care products, they are not all created equally! Across the eye care industry there is a large variance in quality and craftsmanship, according to our experienced Garner NC eye doctors, Dr. Andy Cook and Dr. David Bailey. We take pride in using a wide-range of top quality materials with great product support to provide you with the best possible eye care products. We meet regularly with manufacturer’s representatives to make sure that we have the latest and greatest available for you. We take pride in knowing what is available and what best meets your needs.  Garner Family Eye Care offers the following vision care products and services:


Comprehensive Eye Exam

This is a full eye exam that looks at the health of your eyes as well as obtains your eyeglass prescription.  Dr. Cook and Dr. Bailey offer the most updated Eye Exams.  They take the time to make sure that your questions are answered.

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Medical Eye Exams

Garner Family Eye Care provides medical eye examinations for eye infections, injuries, cataracts, glaucoma, as well as eye complications from systemic diseases such as diabetes and high-blood pressure. If you have any of these problems, you will require special attention to your eye care.

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Contact Lens Fittings

This is an exam that determines the curvatures of the cornea to ensure your contact lenses fit you well.  During this annual visit our eye doctors evaluate your contact lens use and make suggestions that best fit your lifestyle.

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Eyeglass Frames

We carry the latest and most current Eye Wear in the Garner area.  We stay on the cutting edge of trends however we also offer classic eyewear options.


Eyeglass Lenses

Lenses have evolved in many ways throughout the years and we offer everything from Single Vision with the state of the art Anti – Reflective coatings to Free Form Progressive Lenses.

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Contact Lenses

Our Doctors will fit you with what works best for your vision needs. Ask our staff how you can get the maximum reimbursement on your insurance, as well as any rebates available for your annual supply.

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gfe warranty cert


We offer a one-year frame and lens warranty. If for any reason under normal wearing conditions your frame breaks, we will replace it for one year. If you scratch your plastic lenses, we will even remake your lenses once during the first 12 months.




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